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3 Elements of Building

The development of a building is determined by three crucial components: cost, time, and quality. Wave Crest Enterprises works closely in partnership with clients, balancing these three factors according to the individual nature of the project.

1) Time- Time is money. Attention to time constraints with suppliers, subcontractors, engineers, and architects ensures continuity at a cost-saving pace. Wave Crest is committed to hands-on supervision throughout the entire development process, providing the highest level of efficiency during every phase of the project.  It is this level of competence that solves problems before they arise, saving valuable time and money.

2) Cost- Wave Crest has over three decades of experience building projects around strict realistic budgets.  From a simple remodeling to a 5.4 million dollar resort complex, we are committed to keeping costs within pre-established limits, striving to achieve the greatest value per dollar invested without sacrificing precise attention to detail.

3) Quality- Quality and craftsmanship have always been hallmarks of our projects.  Wave Crest has a reputation for creating custom environments that are meticulously constructed.  On site supervision ensures fulfillment of our client’s exact specifications.  Relentless pursuit of perfection and uncompromising quality is guaranteed, surpassing standards inside and out.

Enjoyable Experience– Above all, Wave Crest is committed to making the process of building a home the most rewarding experience it can be.  Our goal is to unburden our clients from tedious day-to-day supervision, and to provide reliable guidance to ensure cost effective quality work and timely delivery.   The result is a lifetime experience, and a residence of endearing charm and enduring quality.  One in which owners can take special pride in calling their own.

Wave Crest is committed to the integration of all project elements, tailored to the precise needs of the client. We strive to assess and understand the unique character of each project. No matter how large or small the challenge, a fine balance of budget, craftsmanship, and efficiency reflects the uncompromising commitment to excellence that defines the work of Wave Crest. The result is an enjoyable experience for all involved parties, and a beautiful construction that will stand the test of time.

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